Unveiling the Surge in Threads App Engagement

It’s been a week since its official release, and people are still in awe of the record high Threads app engagement.

This app’s explosive growth and rapidly increasing download rate is still a top trending topic. It has sparked interest in its potential as a valuable tool for social media engagement with 100+ million threads being shared within the first 24 hours of the app’s launch.

Read on as we analyse Threads app engagement and growth post-launch, and whether its lack of certain features might impact its popularity compared to competitors.

We will also be touching on the ever-so-entertaining Musk-Zuckerberg feud to spice things up a bit!

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Threads App Engagement

Threads App’s Explosive Growth

In a recent announcement, Meta Platforms CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped a bombshell: Threads, a potential Twitter rival, exploded onto the scene.

Within hours of its launch, the largely text-based posts app was already breaking world records when it comes to growth and engagement patterns.

Users seem to enjoy the fact that the platform blends Instagram’s existing aesthetic with twitter-like features like the largely text-based posts and being able to quote others’ threads posts.

A common overview on Threads is that it has lighter, more positive vibes than it’s blue-bird counterpart, Twitter. Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri noted that the app will not “do anything to encourage” politics and hard news. It will be a place for users who want a “less angry place” to hold public conversations.

Also, the ease of setting up your account is a hard plus. Instagram users can easily follow the existing users on their account. Threads might also be Meta’s strategy for eking additional engagement time out of users who already have Instagram accounts.

Rapid download rate within hours of launch

Initial Threads app engagement was off the charts.

The first 2 hours of the app’s launch recorded around 2 million users. A couple of hours later, the number more than doubled to reach 5 million users.

At the 16 hour mark, Threads had an astounding 30 million users. A few hours later, 2 days after its release, 70 million users were on the app.

With over a 100 million users in less than a week, it seems like people were itching for a fresh social media platform and Zuck delivered.

Comparison with other similar social networks

To put things into perspective, let’s compare the numbers with other similar apps. Here is a graph of how long it took social media giants to reach 100 million users:

Threads App Engagement

Android Usage Skyrockets for Threads App

The day after Threads’ launch, Similarweb’s data model reported a staggering 42 million active users on Android alone. Talk about making an entrance.

The surge in Android usage not only means more downloads but also shows that Threads is keeping its audience hooked.

Traffic Growth on Landing Page

When the Threads app was launched, not only did its downloads skyrocket, but the landing page of Threads.net also experienced a traffic surge.

And it’s not your average post-launch traffic boost, this one made history with over 15 million visits on the app’s first day.

These numbers aren’t just for show; they reflect the genuine interest and engagement surrounding this new social media competitor. While app downloads are the main focus, website visits still play a crucial role in user acquisition.

Is Threads App Engagement In Danger?

Threads, the app that’s missing key features, still manages to attract a massive audience. Impressive.

But will these numbers stay on the rise, or is it just a pseudo-growth resulting from people’s curiosity in the app and the people behind it?

Will people have the patience to wait for the missing features to start rolling out?

Potential impact of missing features

The launch of the Threads app came with some key features missing.

Unlike its rival Twitter, Threads has no feature to help you filter your feed to exclusively see the content of people you follow. In addition, there is no hashtags or topics search feature. This makes navigating through content on Threads a bit like finding a needle in a haystack.

People want to find like-minded individuals on social media platforms, and with this feature missing, it will not be an easy task.

The platform is also missing a desktop version, making it harder for laptop users to engage. It’s also missing a direct messaging space, which means all conversations are public conversations.

Will Meta address these issues before people lose interest? It’s a race worth watching out for in the coming weeks.

Future prospects look promising

Despite the serious limitations the missing features pose on the platform, this has not curbed the enthusiasm of users, as their number is still on the rise with around 104 million users as of today.

Threads has a high download rate and strong user interest. If Meta Platforms can address the missing features, consistent usage is on the horizon. Fingers crossed.

The Musk-Zuckerberg Feud

ICYMI: The epitome of entertainment on the internet today is watching two of the richest men on Earth publicly call for a d*ck-measuring contest.

A verbal feud between Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg has been going for years now. Starting with Musk stating that Facebook “gives me the willies” upon deleting Tesla and SpaceX’s Facebook accounts, followed by deleting his personal Instagram account. Musk later stated that he finds Instagram depressing.

Recently, hopes of the fight turning physical have risen after a cage fight was proposed by Musk, with Zuckerberg responding with “Send me location”.

After the release of Threads, Meta’s Twitter copycat, the feud got even more heated. Musk has threatened to sue Meta for copyright infringement. His lawyer Alex Spiro is accusing Meta for using Twitter’s trade secrets by hiring ex-Twitter employees.

Whether this feud is real or just for show is something only time will reveal.

What’s Next for Threads?

The level of Threads app engagement is a clear sign that people are hungry for innovation.

While the tech conglomerate still has some work to do, it has already been dubbed “Twitter Killer”. People don’t seem to care that it’s missing direct messaging and desktop versions, they just don’t want to miss out. The FOMO is real!

We also are curious to know, what will Meta’s next move be regarding Threads? Will they put in the work to make it truly great?

Make sure to stay tuned or you’ll be missing out on history being made.


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