Trinity Media The MMMethod: How to build a healthy predictable online business [Without It Sucking The Life Out Of You]

This post will be showing you Trinity Media’s [The MMMethod] based on the content strategy we use with our client’s content channel to get 1,000,000+ views, 5,000+ leads, and build a business that doesn’t suck the life out of you.

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This strategy is not ideal for all businesses.

It is designed for big picture business owners who want consistent AND scalable traffic. 

In fact, it’s the exact strategy we use to generate over 1,000,000 views, a pipeline full of leads & band new customers from the content MMMethod for one small business:

If you want to get 1,000,000+ views, 5,000+ leads, and a full pipeline of customers for the year, then THIS is the content MMMeathod to do it.

Grab our MMMethod swipe file below to see content examples from the strategy.

Download Our MMMethod Swipe File

Then read on to implement the MMMethod and scale your customers from content.

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The MMMethod: Sales Focused Content Marketing (Without A Massive Following)

Facebook ads, Tiktok, Instagram, SEO, organic traffic… they are all important factors to focus on for long term growth. But nothing beats a content system with compounding traffic, that delivers consistent customers day after day. 

Here’s what that looks like:

BOFB overview

Ask any old media agency or marketer how to get bulk organic exposure and a pipeline full of leads they’ll tell you this:

  1. Find what your competitors are doing (ads & social media that have gotten good engagement)
  2. Make something even better (in your unique way, more up-to-date, better creative.)
  3. Publish it on all platforms  (Reach out to a bunch of podcast hosts and get on their show.)

That’s an old strategy from 2016.

The competition for attention is so fierce now, you could publish content for months and never see any results. And even if you do get it to work, you have no clear strategy to get that traffic to be sustainable and turn into new customers

The 3-Steps To Using “The MMMethod” To Get Targeted Traffic That Converts Into Sales

There are three steps to execute The Trinity MMMethod successfully.

Step 1: Build a research vault to create messaging, copywriting and content clusters. 

Step 2: Run quarterly marketing promotions to get new leads.

Step 3: Promote the business with (professional media) & content distribution.

Below is a breakdown of how every part of the MMMethod works. But first let me tell you why the Trinity MMMethod has three M’s. 

Have you ever signed up to a gym and seen all the types of programs you can choose from to build muscle and lose fat?

You don’t just go straight into a muscle building program and go smash a big leg session. You’ll hardly be able to walk for a week. You follow a consistent plan until you are ready to get shredded. 

The more sessions you do, the better and leaner you get. 

What you’re doing here is building a strong long lasting brand to understand the mind of your customers, run campaigns a few times per year. And most importantly have a heap of fun while you sleep easy at night (aka a business that doesn’t suck the life out of you).

Once you build your consistency. You will have hundreds of ideal customers checking out your business, and convert into high lifetime value customers who come back year after year. 

Bonus: We have put together a swipe file with visuals of the highest performing content we use in the Trinity MMMethod. You can access it for free inside this Trinity MMMethod swipe file.

Step 1: Build Research Vault To Get More Engagement

Evergreen content leverage

The internet is a vast and ever-changing landscape. In order to keep up with the competition, businesses need to continuously create new content. However, creating new content can be time-consuming and expensive. This is where evergreen content comes in.

Evergreen content is a piece of content that remains relevant and does not need to be constantly updated. By leveraging evergreen content, businesses can save time and money while still providing their audience with relevant information. 

Evergreen leveraged Content Marketing (ELC) is the content you use to generate continuous, consistent traffic that gets you new customers. Here’s how to do it:

  • Find the Who, What, When, How questions of your target audience. This shouldn’t be hard. We have an abundance of places online to find these answers and convert them into copywriting, content and ads while gaining leads. If you want a video on how to do this in facebook groups watch this video.
  • Build content clusters around topics with 1000 or more monthly search volumes. This isn’t a hard strict number to stick by for yourself. It is just a number we like to go off for making it worth our time to create the content and make sure it is serving our customers. We give our content cluster (1 BOFB, 3 TOFB & 1 linkable) a likelihood to convert rating (high, medium, low). 

We aren’t going to live forever so may as well write content that will convert into customers and help people out. 

ELC pages are the first item in a campaign we will focus on for our clients, ranked based on their conversion potential for the products and services they provide. 

Here is an example of how we begin to lay this out:

Add Keywords Everywhere to your Chrome browser, then enter in your search term (e.g. 4×4 performance). 

Once you have added the “focus keyword” add an extra letter to have google provide you keyword suggestions.

Now let’s say that diesel tuning has a high likelihood to transform into customers for my organization, and has a good amount of search volume. If this is the case, we’ll begin building a topic cluster around it by planning SEO articles we can write that are directly related to diesel tuning.

Topics like “diesel performance tuning”, “diesel performance checklist” and “dyno tuning.” Here’s what my list might look like:

The best part about the ELC pages is once it is done and ranking you get a consistent traffic stream from google and you have content to use for paid ads that is all connected up on your website to generate more leads and customers predictably. 

All you need to do to have this installed into your business is write 5 blog posts; 

  • 1x bottom of funnel blog (BOFB) for people interested in buying your products or services. 
  • 3x top of funnel bloods (TOFB) for people wanting to lean and might buy later (retargeting comes in here)
  • 1x linkable asset to have other websites link to your content and give your website authority (kinda like and instagram shout out)

In the next step we are going to show you how you can begin to run paid traffic for $5 per day to the content cluster you just made.

Need an experienced team to install the MMMethod Content for you?

The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to drive consistent, compounding traffic with ELC content is by joining the Trinity MMMethod

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As you’re finishing each subtopic, you should publish it on your blog and promote it there. When each subtopic is published, you’ll publish your BOFB page. And link all of the TOFB pages to it to connect your content cluster and google will love it. 

After publishing and promoting it, return to all of the SEO articles that were published on the blog in the content cluster, and link to them onto two pages: 

  1. The BOFB page
  2. All subtopic pages in the content cluster.

Want to see what a successful Content Cluster looks like? We put together a swipe file of ELC Content examples we’re using right now to grow organic traffic AND capture new leads using The Trinity Method. You can see all the examples inside MMMethod swipe file

Now it’s time to get your target customers on the promotion legs for as little as $5 per day.

Step 2: Run $5 ads and Quarterly Marketing Promotions To Get New Leads

Brand Push Ads

Brand push ads are our favorite type of ad to get up quickly to build an audience with the ELC content you now have created.

Brand Push ads are HIGH VALUE content that helps give CLARITY to our audience.

Why We Like To Start $5 Brand Push Content:

1. Videos build INSTANT credibility with cold audiences

2. It allows us to test our audience/messaging

3. We can build retargeting audiences WITHOUT the pixel

4. They create SOLID lookalike audiences

5. They are the SAFEST type of ad to place because of their short copy

Then every quarter we run one marketing promotion. It doesn’t matter what it is. You are only limited by your imagination.

It could be a:

  • Giveaway
  • Free audit or test 
  • Virtual Event
  • Documentary
  • Mini-Course
  • Viral Video
  • VSL/Webinar
  • Holiday Offer
  • Done-For-You Setup
  • Something Else…

What you’re doing is testing what type of new content and offers work best to attract new leads to YOUR business.

Below is EXACTLY how we launch our own Brand Push Ads for Trinity and for our private clients.  Every media buyer has their own strategy for placing ads, this is OURS.

Brand push content is the content you use to add-value to all the leads you captured from your organic traffic efforts, and inject bulk new leads into your business. 

Here’s how to launch yours:

Log into your meta account ads manager and create a new campaign. SKIP the Name Your Campaign on this screen and click NEXT>>>>

This is how we recommend you NAME your campaign. Budget optimisation| Goal| Destination.

You can come up with your own naming convention, just make sure it makes sense to you and to whomever is running your ads.

Next, LEAVE the A/B test OFF.  We do not use this here.

You also want to make sure that Advantage Campaign Budget is turned off [EVEN THOUGH FACEBOOK RECOMMENDS YOU USE IT] We do not for THIS specific type of campaign.

CLICK NEXT— and it will take you to the adset level.

This is how we name our adsets  Audience Name + Name of Brand Push Video.

You will also want to CHANGE the

default selected from messaging apps to ON YOUR AD as we have below. Make sure Engagement type is video views.

Next we will LEAVE DYNAMIC CREATIVE OFF and then select a budget of $5/day. We will also just select a start date.  We will NOT select an end date.

You might be asking how large your audience should be for this type of ad. We always like to say in this type of case it does not matter. Brand push ads are the CHEAPEST ads to place, so we can go super NARROW. For local businesses we have gone as low as 2k in size.

Next… We ONLY place them in the NEWSFEED so eliminate EVERY

THING ELSE if you’re following OUR setup. Facebook will SUGGEST Advantage but we do NOT use it here.

Then click each tab— and make sure EVERYTHING other than the newsfeed is UNCHECKED.

Leave everything else below in this section AS IS.


First on the list… NAME the AD. If you want to run on Instagram, make sure your IG account is connected to the business manager. Here is a video on how to do that if it isn’t connected: 

You can either create a NEW AD and upload a new video or you can select an existing Brand Push content from your page.. (Leave standard enhancements UNCHECKED).

Add in your headlines, primary text, CTA and destination. (this is where you want to use your ELC content to push more traffic into your ecosystem.

🛑 You do NOT need to change anything AFTER this 🛑 HIT PUBLISH. 

If you are running multiple $5 Brand Push ads, wait until your first ad gets approved. Then you can go ahead and duplicate your ad and swap out the creative to see which video performs better. 

The reason we wait for it to get approved is so that we know the copy (primary test, headline, links) are inline with Meta’s policies. We don’t want to be publishing multiple ads that get rejected and run the risk of a shut down ads account. 

This is where “the game” begins with tracking and monitoring Key performance indicators ( KPI’s) for your brand push ads. 

Here is a run down of the numbers we are looking for to determine a good performing Brand Push ad Vs a poor performing Brand Push ad. 

15 cents per thruplay [Before 5K Impressions]
$1 per 100% Video View [After 5K impressions]

Enjoy the game. 

Want to see what a successful Brand Push ad looks like? I put together a swipe file of Brand Push examples we’re using right now to acquire new customers using The Trinity MMMethod. You can see all the examples inside our MMMethod Swipe File

Step 3: Promote Brand With Professional Media & Install Content Machine To Establish And Systemise Brand Longevity.

Demonstrations & event’s are the key to scaling sales from your content with the Trinity MMMethod


It’s the content you use to convert the traffic and leads from your 5 blog posts and Brand Push ads into customers. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Spend time demonstrating how your product or services work. This can be on social media, email, meetups, live events etc. 
  2. Interview customers (over the phone, chat, via email, at meetups, or events).
  3. Document their before/after results as a demo page.
  4. Promote it using The MMMethod Effect Content Sales Funnel.

Producing successful Demo Content is the part where we personally have a lot of fun. 

motorbike swimwear adventure photography marketing

First, you need to plan your demo’s or events so you can make the most of your content creation. The amount of content we can yield from a well planned demo/event can serve us for a whole quarter. 

Here is how we like to yield our content: 

  1. Hype up the day on social stories & emails (Hype phase depends on the demo/event)
  2. Behind the screens content on social stories (on the day)
  3. Behind the scenes teaser for social account & email.
  4. Roll out a 90 day content machine from your demo/event you can watch a video on how we do this here

If you did step 1 building a research vault you will have a bunch of content ideas you can use for your demo/event to yield a 90 day content machine. We break down the 90 day content machine into a weekly cadence called the MEME flow. 

It goes like this: 

Monday: Motivational piece of content (to get your audience Geed Up for the week). 

Tuesday: Educational piece of content (pure value showing expertise).

Wednesday: Share posts to stories. 

Thursday: Make and offer (can be for engagement, leads or sales) 

Friday: Entertainment Piece of content (a meme relating to your product or service is great here). 

Saturday: Weekly round up (this is for audience lurkers who are busy through the week and consume content all at once over a weekend). 

Want to see what a successful Content machine looks like? I put together a swipe file of Content machine examples we’re using right now to acquire new customers using The Trinity MMMethod. You can see all the examples inside our MMMethod Swipe File

If we post out BOFB & TOFB on our blog and email it to our email list, we’ll get a few sales. But by doing that we are limiting ourselves to only promoting our demonstration/event on only one marketing channel.

Not every person on your email list opens and clicks every email you send (look at your email metrics if you don’t believe that.)

To make our demonstration event stand out, we’re going to create a well-designed funnel to draw in more visitors and turn them into life long customers.


Using The MMMethod Effect Content Sales Funnel.

You’re going to follow three steps to execute this:

  1. Retarget your traffic and email leads (who haven’t converted into sales yet.)
  2. Retarget them across all the different online platforms they visit (start with $5 per day, per ad network, demonstration/event.) 
  3. Retarget them with new events and BOFB content they’ve never seen before, with a call to action to your sales page.

When you nail the Trinity MMMethod some rad stuff starts to happen.

All of a sudden the traffic and leads you worked so hard to acquire with your BOFB and TOFB content start seeing you EVERYWHERE they visit online.

To your customers, you seem like a big-budget marketer. In reality, you’re purchasing low-cost retargeting clicks (which are even cheaper when retargeting to content because ad networks obsess over serving their clients with educational content.)

Quick note: Take advantage of the big three channels if you want to make The MMMethod Effect scale. 

But don’t let setting up new ad accounts, installing new retargeting pixels, and creating fresh ad content overwhelm you. Start with one retargeting ad for one case study on one ad network. 

Then grow from there.

A scalable business demands consistent high-quality traffic and a funnel with a method.

Sending out one e-mail to your e-mail list, and then hoping and praying for sales isn’t a scalable strategy.

It can indeed work. But we discovered the Trinity MMMethod to be a more scalable solution: It helped us scale our clients content marketing to 1 million views, 5,000 leads, and build a brand without it sucking the life out of you.

With this strategy you can go viral in your market (without posting and hoping for your content to get no engagement.)

Grab our MMMethod swipe file below to see content examples from the MMMethod.

Download Our MMMethod Swipe File

Then model what we did to build out your own MMMethod!


Need an experienced team to install the Trinity MMMethod for you?

The fastest, easiest and cheapest way to drive consistent, compounding traffic with ELC content is by joining the Trinity MMMethod

Book in a meeting and you can get tactical straight to the point advice to achieve similar results. 

Hire Trinity To Install The MMMethod into your business
(real humans, that will come and shake you hand)


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